Coup Save America

Dear Potential Guest,

Thank you for your interest in appearing on Coup Save America! We are a show that takes great pride in delivering top-notch episodes that not only serve our dedicated audience’s expectations, but also make our guests shine. With each installment of our program, we strive to produce a show that is thoughtfully crafted to inform, engage, and inspire. At Coup Save America, we understand the importance of delivering content that not only captivates but also educates our listeners. We believe that every episode should challenge the status quo by providing our audience with an opportunity to dive deep into the pressing issues that shape our society.

We apologize if this booking form seems extensive, but providing information about yourself and your topic of expertise will greatly assist our host, Sean St. Heart, as he conducts his own research and prepares to discuss the topic with knowledge, curiosity, and respect. Coup Save America values diverse perspectives and encourages dialogue and engagement, believing that the best ideas come from collective discussions. This is why we actively seek feedback, questions, and suggestions from our guests during the initial booking process, incorporating their input into the production of our episodes to ensure that we address their most pressing interests and concerns. Our goal is to make you feel like you’re engaged in a conversation where complex issues can be explored and discussed with clarity and nuance.

The Coup Save America in-take form will not only help us to better prepare for your interview, but it also provides a centralized place to collect and store links, images, and other media we will need to advertise/promote your interview before, during, and after your appearance. Thank you in advance for investing the time to make your interview the best it can be!

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together we can work toward a more informed and engaged citizenry, armed with knowledge and prepared to shape a better future for humanity.

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